Visit with Emily Davidson & Tribeca Galleries

Visit with Emily Davidson & Tribeca Galleries

October 9th, 2019: 

Today was particularly interesting for me because we met with Emily Davidson, the Associate Director of CANADA gallery in Tribeca. I have an interest in working in the art industry in an administrative position and it was beneficial to me to be able to meet with somebody in a similar career that I would like to pursue. I also enjoyed a lot of the art we saw in the other galleries we visited in Tribeca. I particularly enjoy modern and contemporary Latin American art, so it was cool to see a lot of this displayed in these galleries.

Xylor Jane: 3Lakes

I was particularly intrigued by this exhibition at CANADA gallery, originally because of its aesthetics; however, upon closer inspection you realize that a lot of planning went into each individual art piece. Xylor Jane is meticulous with her artworks. She plans the colors and the format of each work, particularly focusing on mathematics. I had never thought of combining art and math together, but Xylor masterfully combines the two to create something I have never seen before. I must say, that although I really enjoyed this exhibition, I would not have known that there was so much intricacy in each painting, had it not been because Assistant Director, Emily Davidson was showing us around the gallery and explaining each work to us in detail. I feel that the context is important to each work that Xylor produces, but I also think it is important to experience each work outside of its mathematical context. Another interesting fact that I felt was crucial to Xylor’s work, was that she creates very few works per year; the painting process is far too important to sacrifice for the sake of the quantity produced.

Xylor Jane, 3 Lakes, 2 Heavens (2018) oil on panel 47 x 53 in.
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