Visit with Rosario Güiraldes & Lower East Side Galleries

Visit with Rosario Güiraldes & Lower East Side Galleries

October 23rd, 2019:

I feel like it is important to explore all my options in the art industry, so I enjoyed today’s visit since we had yet to visit with any art curators. Rosario Güiraldes, a fellow Latina, gave me more motivation to follow my passion and search for a career in the art industry. I also really enjoyed some of the galleries we visited while in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Typically, the art that has stood out to me the most is the art that is different from the norm and/or more organic in practice.

The Pencil Is a Key: Drawings By Incarcerated Artists 

Personally, this exhibition at The Drawing Center has been my favorite thus far. I believe that the curators did a fantastic job at putting together an exhibition that gives underrepresented artists attention in the art industry. The exhibition is organized chronologically and by events, which I felt was very helpful to the viewer. I think it is easy for us to believe that incarcerated artists are not important in the art scene because of their situation; however, The Drawing Center does a great job at trying to help the public understand that the art displayed should be viewed as art, separate from the crimes that the artists may have or may not have committed.

Perrotin New York: The Chronicles of New York City

I particularly enjoyed this exhibition because the art was so organically made. JR’s combination of photography and collage made for an intriguing final product, which also makes an important commentary on New York City. JR’s use of every day people in the different boroughs of New York City makes the work of art more relatable to the viewer. Personally, his art interested me because of his organic process of sitting out on the street and asking for volunteers to take pictures for his project; also his willingness to allow each participant to choose how they wanted to be portrayed in his work.

Sérgio Sister
JR "The Chronicles of New York City" (2018), detail.
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