Studio Visit with Sara Cwynar & Ortega y Gasset Projects

Studio Visit with Sara Cwynar & Ortega y Gasset Projects

September 25th, 2019:

Today was a really cool experience because I had never visited an artist’s studio before, let alone met an artist in person before. Also, being able to visit a gallery that has a non-profit status was motivating. It was nice to see that there are galleries interested in helping out struggling artists and give more opportunities to people in the industry.

Sara Cwynar

I was really interested in Sara’s work because she works to create art that feels nostalgic, but also works to make a commentary about the beauty and fashion industries and feminism. It was a great experience to be able to talk to Sara and actually hear her voice about her work. It is very different to hear from the artist herself than to just read interviews and descriptions of her artwork. I found her use of photography and more recently, film, an innovative way to talk about topics such as, consumerism and feminism. The first work I chose to display below, I saw in Sara’s studio, both the working document and the finished product. She spoke about her inspiration to make a commentary about societal standards of beauty and how she decided to take multiple images of a model to show the difference between the model’s real, untouched self, and her full glam, retouched, edited model self. Personally, I have always been interested in the beauty and fashion industry so I felt like a lot of Sara’s work resonated well with me. I felt like I could connect better with her art and be able to really get on board with the commentaries that she has been making through her art.

Sara Cwynar, 141 Pictures of Sophie 1, 2 and 3, 2019, archival pigment print mounted to Dibond, triptych, 46 1/2 x 37 in. each (118.11 x 93.98 cm each), edition of 3 with 2 AP, SC_FP4151
Sara Cwynar, Tracy (Gold Circle), 2017, dye sublimation print on aluminum, 30 x 38 in. (76.2 x 96.52 cm), edition of 3 with 2 AP, SC_FP3737
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