Visit with Phong Bui & Studio Visit with Jonathan Ehrenberg

Visit with Phong Bui & Studio Visit with Jonathan Ehrenberg

October 16th, 2019:

I enjoyed our day today, particularly because we met with Phong Bui, who although he is an artist, also works in the writing part of the art industry. I am particularly interested in learning about the different opportunities and possibilities within the art industry and today gave me an idea of some career options outside of administration.

Phong Bui

Particularly, what interested me about Phong Bui was the fact that he was so open about his life and his experiences both in Vietnam and the United States. He is very interested in learning and never wants to conform to one specific guideline. I think his approach to life is what has made The Brooklyn Rail so successful. Phong is very adamant about keeping The Rail organic and not allowing it to be transformed from a nonprofit and into something it was never intended to be. Another interesting approach of Phong’s is that he does not want to be constrained in his career; he is able to be both an artist and a writer and be successful at both.

Jonathan Ehrenberg

Visiting Jonathan Ehrenberg’s studio felt like an other-worldly experience. I have say that, personally, I am not a fan of Ehrenberg’s work; however, his working process was intriguing. Ehrenberg wanted to make sure that we understood that he did not follow a straight path as an artist and that he has been willing to broaden his horizons by taking advantage of the opportunities he has had. I really enjoyed the fact that he was willing to not be constrained to just one medium and that he wanted to be experimental with all that he does. Although his art may not be for me, I must acknowledge that his art concepts are interesting and result in art different from anything else I have seen.

Phong Bui, Self Portrait
Jonathan Ehrenberg, Bad Tools 6, 2016, dye sublimation print.
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