Studio Visit with Joanne Greenbaum & Visit with Pac Pobric

Studio Visit with Joanne Greenbaum & Visit with Pac Pobric

October 30th, 2019:

I particularly enjoy the times we go into the city and meet with professionals from the art industry because I want to have as much information as I can about the possibilities that I have as an art history major in my future career.

Joanne Greenbaum

I personally enjoyed meeting with Joanne Greenbaum because her methodology when creating her artwork is very organic. Greenbaum was willing to answer all of our questions about her artwork and I believe that this really helped me appreciate her work more. Originally, I was not entirely sure what Greenbaum’s purpose for her art was, as it felt very chaotic to me and I could not quite understand why she was interested in creating this kind of work. However, after meeting with her I began to really like her work. I feel that her use of different mediums and lack of constraint is an important quality in any artist. Also, Greenbaum was very clear with us that she is not afraid of taking her time with a piece of work in order to get it to a stage that she would be happy with and that one should never give up on your art. She spoke about her experience with failed paintings and I enjoyed her take on this, explaining that you can always take a failed painting and transform it into a successful one.

artnet news

Meeting with Pac Pobric from artnet news was a great experience for me because I am still trying to figure out which route I want to go in with my art history degree. The fact that Pac got his degree in art history gave me more hope, with regards to the opportunities available to me with this kind of degree. Pac was great because he was willing to speak with us about his experiences in the art industry after graduating from school, as well as giving us advice on how to go forward in our career paths. I think it was beneficial, for me in particular to learn more about how artnet helps the art industry run, but also learn about how to give myself the best opportunity to be recognized for my talents and get a job in the art industry. I feel that it is very rare to be able to speak with somebody about their career path and their tools for success, so I personally enjoyed getting the chance to speak to Pac about his personal experience in the art industry.

Joanne Greenbaum's Studio
artnet Office, New York
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