Studio Visit with Tara Donovan & The Noguchi Museum

Studio Visit with Tara Donovan & The Noguchi Museum

November 6th, 2019:

I found today’s visit to be particularly interesting because of how different the artworks made by these artists are. Tara Donovan makes large-scale sculptures and works from unconventional materials and the Noguchi Museum houses a variety of works and furniture made by Isamu Noguchi during his lifetime.

Tara Donovan

I was very intrigued by Tara Donovan’s works. I didn’t know of her prior to this visit, but now I’m fascinated with her upcoming projects. Tara Donovan is unconcerned with the politics behind the materials she uses and instead is more concerned with the colors, shadows, and textures that they create. Donovan takes materials that I would have never thought to use and puts them to use masterfully. It was a great experience talking to her about her work because you really get a sense of what is important to her and how her artistic practices have changed over the years. I think I was most impressed with the organic nature of much of her work. Donovan enjoys the ever-changing nature of her work and I think that is one of the features about herself and her work that I liked the most.

The Noguchi Museum

Just as with Tara Donovan’s work, I was not familiar with Isamu Noguchi’s work prior to our visit to the Noguchi Museum. Noguchi’s work is very much the definition of organic artwork. His use of different stones and woods to make his work was something that intrigued me. I feel that today we are used to seeing works like those of Noguchi’s but it is important to recognize that his works are actually quite revolutionary because of the time period in which they were made (1930s-1980s). I personally enjoyed looking at two different artists who specialize in larger scale sculptures and works from different time periods. I think it’s interesting to compare the two and see how different their works look, while also looking at how similar their artistic practices are.

Tara Donovan, Untitled, 2014, acrylic and adhesive, 10' 1/2" x 14' 2" x 12' 10-3/4" (306.1 cm x 431.8 cm x 393.1 cm) © Tara Donovan
Tara Donovan, Untitled, mylar. Courtesy of the artist and Pace Gallery, photo by Wes Magyar
Isamu Noguchi, Bird Song, 1952 (cast 1985), metal.
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