Studio Visit with Robin F. Williams & The Whitney

Studio Visit with Robin F. Williams & The Whitney

November 20th, 2019:

Today was our last visit to New York City 🙁

Robin F. Williams

I wasn’t sure what to expect when visiting with Robin F. Williams. She seemed very intimidating from her interviews and even from the art she creates; however, she was actually very laid back. Williams was willing to answer all of our questions about her work and her experience as an artist. Although I am not particularly enamored with her artwork, I was very interested in her efforts to make certain political and social commentary. I think I was most intrigued by Williams’ focus on painting whatever she wants to paint. She was very candid with us telling us about her experiences in the art industry and I found it very beneficial because we were able to get a better understanding of the fact that art is a process. Williams has developed her art practice a lot over the years and it is not only evident in her work, but also in the way she confidently carries herself.

Jason Moran at The Whitney

We were able to visit The Whitney at our own pace. I went through the different exhibitions and I was particularly intrigued by the Jason Moran exhibition. Moran is a jazz composer who has taken his personal experiences and transformed them into music and theatrical performances.

I enjoyed the Jason Moran & Stan Douglas composition of Luanda-Kinshsa the most because of its impressive videography skills and the musical compositional. The piece, being several hours long, was impossible to finish during my visit to The Whitney; however, I would go back to witness it in its entirety. Ultimately, I enjoyed the Jason Moran exhibition because it isn’t a common experience to go to a museum and witness musical compositions as art. It is something I have never experienced, but really enjoyed and would like to see more of.

Robin F. Williams, Salad Lover, 2016, acrylic and oil on canvas, 90 x 60 in (228.6 x 152.4 cm).
Jason Moran & Stan Douglas, Luanda-Kinshasa, 2013.
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