“Richard Serra Will Jolt You Awake”

“Richard Serra Will Jolt You Awake”

Although I have not seen Richard Serra’s work myself and therefore cannot formulate any opinions on the way his art is displayed in the galleries he is represented by in New York City, I feel like this New Yorker review of his work gives me a great basis of understanding of who Richard Serra is as an artist.

I personally enjoyed how the article draws comparisons from great sculptors belonging to a different time period and using these examples as a way to portray Serra in a certain light. It is evident that this review is in favor of Serra as it claims that Richard Serra is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, sculptor of our time.

I found it to be very important that the reviewer does not just out-right praise Serra for his work. He uses examples and formal examination to prove why the art should be validated and looked at in a certain way.

Lastly, another part of this review that I find to be very beneficial, is the inclusion of background information about Serra’s lie and education, along with information about the art movement that he came into. I firmly believe that the background information of an artist can really help the viewers gain a better understanding of where the artist is coming from, or at least find some kind of similarities between themselves and the artist that allow them to appreciate their work more.

Richard Serra, Reverse Curve, 2005/2019.
Richard Serra, Nine, 2019.
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